ASG Club

We are dedicated to reduce the burden of cancer. We strive to help cancer victims and are concerned about your health and well being. We are therefore offering a platform for Cancer patients, people with increased risk of cancers, or general public for the sole reason of being concerned about cancer care and keep abreast with latest technologies and treatment options in cancer.

The membership of this club is available to all on payment of specified FEES as mentioned hereinafter.

Membership Joining Fee: CA$ 5000

Annual Fees: Rs. Nil

Term of Membership: 10 Years

The key benefits of joining the ASG Club are as follows :

  1. Subsidized rate of ASG Test at only CA$ 500 (Regular Price CA$ 1200)
  2. Free ASG Analysis, every two years for next 10 years.
  3. Up to 90 % Discount on Intervention Immunotherapy for ASG Positive patients. (For Example: Regular Therapy cost of ASG Positive patients for Breast Cancer is CA$ 35000, while for ASG Club Members it is only CA$ 8350)
  4. Up to 50% Discount Coupons for routine diagnostic tests like X-ray, Blood Tests, Ultrasound, CT/MRI etc at a Lab near you.
  5. Free Diet Counseling
  6. Regular updates by email, on new developments in field of diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  7. Free Live interactive sessions with Specialist Doctors like Urologist, Gynecologists, Oncologists, Physicians, Gastroenterologists etc with personalized query resolution.
  8. Webinars for health awareness and cancer research.
  9. We remind you about pending health assessments and diagnostic test you need on a half yearly or yearly basis. What’s more, we offer Free yearly review of your health reports by a competent Physician.

We need a commitment from you to fight cancer and take care of your health in best possible ways.

We contact you only through emails and SMS. We do not call you, except to make appointments for your Tests and Consultations.